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Sheila Posted Thu 28th of December, 2017 13:34:19 PM
HI. I just want to make sure I am interpreting new CPT 93793 correctly and understand how it is to be used. Am I correct that this code is to be used for provider review of 1) INR results that he/she has ordered; 2) this does not require face-to-face services; and 3)this is to be billed per day, not per 4 tests as G0250? Also, G0250 still exists and is the proper code when the patient meets the specific criteria for G0250--otherwise 93793 should be used, correct? Thanks for your help. Just want to make sure I'm telling my providers the right thing.
SuperCoder Answered Fri 29th of December, 2017 00:18:10 AM

The 2018 code set adds 93792 and 93793 to replace 99363 and 99364. Report 93792 when a physician or other qualified healthcare provider initiates home international normalized ratio (INR) monitoring and trains a patient or caregiver in person (face-to-face) to obtain blood samples and monitor and report home INR test results and documents the patient's or caregiver's ability to perform testing and report results. Report 93793 for anticoagulant management for a patient taking warfarin, which includes review and interpretation of new international normalized ratio (INR) test result (whether performed in the home, office, or lab) and instructing the patient as well as adjusting the dosage when necessary and scheduling additional test(s), when performed. 93793, Yes it should be billied once and does not require face to face. 

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