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Cyndi Posted Thu 12th of January, 2017 11:47:02 AM
Trying to find pricing for this code?
SuperCoder Answered Fri 13th of January, 2017 04:08:13 AM

CPT code 96377 is a NEW code, in practice since 01st Jan 2017. The latest MPFS does not have this code in Q1, 2017 file. There is no information regarding the pricing of this code in medicare physician fee schedule. Therefore, in terms of pricing, no details can be provided regarding this code.

However, as per NCCI 2017, CPT code 96377 is a drug administration code and drug administration services (CPT codes 96360-96377) are not separately reportable by the physician performing a procedure for drug administration services related to the procedure.

Also, drug administration services related to operative procedures are included in the associated procedural HCPCS/CPT codes. Examples of such drug administration services include, but are not limited to, anesthesia (local or other), hydration, and medications such as anxiolytics or antibiotics. Providers should not report CPT codes 96360-96377 for these services.

This might be the reason why no pricing has been provided for this code because the pricing value is considered to be included in the $ value of the injection/procedure code.

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