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Need cpt code for oral pharyngeal suctioning

Lina Posted Tue 03rd of December, 2013 10:19:40 AM

Hi need help on how to code, ORAL PHARYNGEAL SUCTIONING, that's when doctor takes out a mucous with the tube

SuperCoder Answered Wed 04th of December, 2013 01:13:17 AM

Is there any other associated procedure along with it?

Generally, suctioning is, as you stated, is a part of another procedure.

Lina Posted Wed 04th of December, 2013 12:51:05 PM

there was also a nebulizer treatment, and change of dressing for DU

Lina Posted Thu 05th of December, 2013 15:57:14 PM


SuperCoder Answered Thu 05th of December, 2013 20:38:28 PM

Yes as I said earlier suctioning will become inclusive if nebulizer treatment is being done.

Adding more to this-

Don't Limit CPT To 94640 When E/M Is Identifiable

Scenario 1: When an established patient with emphysema presents complaining of shortness of breath, the physician administers inhalation treatment. During the therapy, the physician trains the patient on using the nebulizer at home, and provides an expanded problem-focused examination and medical decision-making of low complexity. How should you report it?

Solution 1: First, report 94640 (Pressurized or nonpressurized inhalation treatment for acute airway obstruction or for sputum induction for diagnostic purposes [e.g., with an aerosol generator, nebulizer, metered dose inhaler or intermittent positive pressure breathing (IPPB) device]) to cover the comprehensive service the physician provided.

Don't stop there yet. Because the physician also performed an office visit to assess the patient's acute condition which resulted in the decision for the nebulizer treatment, report 99213 (Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management of an established patient ...), based on your documentation of an expanded problem-focused exam with low-complexity decision-making. Treat the how-to discussion with the patient as part of the E/M. Attach modifier 25 to 99213 to indicate that the E/M service was significant and separately identifiable from 94640.

Don't report 94664 (Demonstration and/or evaluation of patient utilization of an aerosol generator, nebulizer, metered dose inhaler or IPPB device). The physician's primary intent is to treat the obstruction, so 94640 will suffice.

Lina Posted Fri 06th of December, 2013 12:49:27 PM

Thank you so much

SuperCoder Answered Fri 06th of December, 2013 16:52:40 PM

You are always welcome!

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