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Sherry Posted 6 Year(s) ago

69620 Myringoplasty-Does a fat graft plug have to be used in the repair or, can gel foam be used the same way, as a permanent patch? The lay description says fat graft plug or fascia may be placed medial to the eardrum over the dissolvable packing. Thanks for your response.

SuperCoder Posted 6 Year(s) ago

The otolaryngologist performs a myringoplasty, the surgical repair of the eardrum using graft material such as a portion of the fascia. Surgery is confined to the drumhead of the tympanic membrane and graft donor area. The physician uses microscopic visualization to locate the tympanic membrane defect. He prepares the site by roughening the tympanic membrane perforation, also called "rimming the perforation." If needed, he places dissolvable packing in the middle ear. The physician uses either a fat graft plug or fascia to repair the hole, or he creates a tympanomeatal flap. He sutures the incisions closed and applies a dressing.

Gel foam can also be used

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