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multiple sterois trigger injections

Terri Posted Mon 24th of October, 2016 14:05:03 PM
I recently went to a seminar and loved it however I have a question after coming back home and placing my codes into your search box. My physician preforms multiple steroid trigger injection at a hospital as day surgery under Xiscan. we were billing out 76000 and then 76942 which we found that was wrong the 76942. At the seminar I was told that they kind of done away with these 76000 and 76942 codes and was told to use 20605. my questions are have they done away with 76000? also if we bill out normally 20550 RT 20550 RT 59 20550 RT 59 20550 LT 59 20550 LT 59 20550 LT 76000 is this correct billing? I have covering dx codes and the Insurance can be commercial. Below is the report decription. DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The patient was brought to the operating room in a mildly sedated state and placed on the operating room table in a supine position. Both feet were overhung on the table to allow for positioning of the XiScan for the left foot injections. At this time, the left foot was prepped and draped in the usual sterile manner and prepared for the injection therapy. Procedure #1: Steroid trigger point injection under anesthesia and XiScan guidance, first intermetatarsal space, left foot: Attention was now addressed to the first intermetatarsal space of the left foot where a steroid trigger point injection was applied under anesthesia and XiScan guidance consisting of 0.5 mL of Kenalog acetate, 0.5 mL of Decadron Phosphate, and 4 mL of 0.5% Marcaine plain. Excellent results were noted. This was just part of the report that I thought would be useful I just want to know how I bill out correctly. With great Appreciation and Thank you for any help
SuperCoder Answered Tue 25th of October, 2016 06:12:58 AM


for steroid injection intermetatarsal space, left foot, the appropriate code is : 20552 LT

CPT code 76000 will be used only if the documentation suggests that the injection was performed under fluoroscopic guidance.

Similarly, the CPT code 76942 will be coded only if the documentation suggests that the injection was performed under ultrasound guidance.

In addition, the seggregation for cpt code for injections in joints with ultrasound guidance have been created and updated effective 2016. (eg. 20604,20605).

Hope this helps!


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