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MOHS closures question

Angie Posted Mon 11th of July, 2011 18:15:59 PM

Hi group, need some input. We have a physician who is sending patients to our surgeon to close his MOH's procedures. The referring physician is a dermatologist, our physician is a plastic surgeon- we normally see the patient the day of surgery or the day after surgery and the physician determines what type of procedure the patient needs. Then we schedule the surgery. My question is; can we charge an office visit for the exam? We currently are not but wondered if we could.
Thanks for any and all input

SuperCoder Answered Mon 11th of July, 2011 22:08:54 PM

You need to make a proper documentation that would justify for an E/M code although you know that the patient has come for the closure for a MOH's surgery. You also need to document that you have checked if there is any complications or infection out of the last surgery which is obvious to notice when you are going to close the procedure.
There is probability that you may receive a denial. But, there are also chances of getting paid.

Barbara Answered Thu 14th of July, 2011 12:48:42 PM

we use a 57 modifier for decision for surgery, because we usually operate within a couple of days

SuperCoder Answered Thu 14th of July, 2011 14:29:55 PM

Need these info:
1. Previous DOS when Moh procedure done with the CPT that was billed.
2. DOS along with the E/M that you billed.

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