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Margaret Posted Wed 28th of June, 2017 16:16:33 PM
A 16 year old male was fishing and accidentally got the fishhook stuck in the back of his hand. After being examined in the emergency room at university hospital, the physician clipped the protruding section of the fishhook and then pulled the hook out of the skin with a hemostat. The wound was irrigated, a dressing was applied, and the patient was discharged home. What are the ICD-9 code and/or CPT procedure codes for this case?
SuperCoder Answered Thu 29th of June, 2017 06:45:05 AM



Cpt code 10120 is appropriate if incision is made to remove fish hook. If no incision was made, the hook removal is included in the E/M code. ICD 10 code for the above scenario is S60.551A.

For more information go through undermentioned link.

Hope this helps!

Margaret Posted Fri 30th of June, 2017 01:25:41 AM
I am not pleased with this answer,as a matter of fact this response does not answer the question that was asked.If someone cannot give me the correct answer,I would like to have a refund of my money thank you.
Margaret Posted Fri 30th of June, 2017 01:45:55 AM
It is clearly said that the doctor did not make a incision,it further said the wound was irrigated and a dressing was applied.All of those have to be coded.The accident,the removal of the foreign body,the dressing and discharge.I was given ICD-10 answer and the question ask for ICD-9.The reason why i paid for this exam question is to get it right on my final paper.
SuperCoder Answered Sat 01st of July, 2017 06:56:09 AM


The exact CPT code for the above scenario is 10120.

Also, ICD 9 code for the above mentioned scenario is 914.6.

Hope this helps!


Margaret Posted Sat 01st of July, 2017 16:44:36 PM
I am very sorry about this but 10120 is when the physician makes an incision to remove the foreign object,the physician did not make an incision therefore this is wrong.and what code is there to represent the removal of the foreign body that the physician performs?.I am putting in a request for a refund.
SuperCoder Answered Mon 03rd of July, 2017 03:15:41 AM



We are very sorry for the trouble you are facing in regard to this question. The concern regarding the CPT code was discussed with our coding experts and we came up with below mentioned explanation after going through coding research and coding guidelines.

Provider clipped the protruding section of the hook and removed the hook from the skin followed by lavage and dressing of the wound. Since no incision was made, foreign body removal codes cannot be used in this case. The procedure performed would be considered included in the evaluation and management service. You do not bill for the irrigation and dressing in this case. All this would be considered included in the services of the evaluation and management code. Bill the appropriate Emergency code as per the documentation from the code range (99281 – 99285).

Appropriate ICD 9 CM code would be 914.6


Hope this solves the concern. Let us know in case of any further questions.


Happy Independence Day to you in advance. 






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