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Lynch Syndrome

Amber Posted Thu 08th of October, 2015 14:10:30 PM

Do you know a good diagnosis code to use for Lynch Syndrome? All the new codes in ICD-10 we didn't get a code for that. Thanks

SuperCoder Answered Fri 09th of October, 2015 01:05:38 AM

Please find below the answer for your question.

Question: Which code should I report for Lynch Syndrome? Member

Answer: Final coding will depend on the exact nature of the patient’s condition.

The simple answer is that to code Lynch Syndrome, you should report V84.09 (Genetic susceptibility to other malignant neoplasm). Lynch Syndrome, also called hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC), is an inherited condition that increases a patient’s chance of getting colon cancer as well as several other cancers.

You may need additional codes to complete the coding. For instance, if the patient currently has a malignant neoplasm, you should code that neoplasm first, such as 153.6 (Malignant neoplasm of ascending colon). Or if the patient has a history of a malignant neoplasm, you should report a code to indicate this, such as V10.05 (Personal history of malignant neoplasm of large intestine). Given the nature of the condition, perhaps the patient has family history of cancer documented. If so, you should report this, as well, using the appropriate code, such as V16.0 (Family history of malignant neoplasm of gastrointestinal tract).

ICD-10-CM: Under ICD-10-CM, the codes above would crosswalk to:

· C18.2, Malignant neoplasm of ascending colon

· Z15.09, Genetic susceptibility to other malignant neoplasm

· Z85.038, Personal history of other malignant neoplasm of large intestine

· Z80.0, Family history of malignant neoplasm of digestive organs. 

Also, please find below the link for the Lynch Syndrome query publication.

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