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Left Ventricular Remodeling with Gortex Papillary Muscle Sling

Sonnia Posted Tue 24th of May, 2016 13:14:22 PM
A Bio-Bentall and Left Ventricular Remodeling with 4 mm Gortex Papillary Muscle Sling was performed. Can I bill the Left Ventricular Remodeling with code 33425 or 33548. Or is it inclusive to 33863. See a portion of note below. Procedure performed: Through the root we were able to examine the subvalvular apparatus of the mitral valve and the base of the papillary muscles could be easily encircled with a right angle clamp.  There were a number of other large trabeculations which could also be included so we decided to proceed with a sling.  Heavy silk suture was passed around the major muscle group on each side and these were then tied together in the middle.  A 4 mm Gortex vascular graft was then passed over one end of the silk and secured to it so it could be gently pulled through the passage around the muscles.  The two ends were overlapped and sewn together with three mattress sutures of 4-0 Prolene pulling the papillary muscles toward each other in the process.  The silk was removed.
SuperCoder Answered Wed 25th of May, 2016 03:22:00 AM
Hi, Left Ventricular Remodeling with code 33425 or 33548 is not inclusive to cpt code 33863 as Cpt code 33548 includes on ventricular restoration and Cpt code 33863 includes coronary reconstruction not ventricular restoration.
Sonnia Posted Wed 25th of May, 2016 10:53:42 AM
So, the note describes a 33548 not 33425?
SuperCoder Answered Thu 26th of May, 2016 04:09:58 AM
Hi, As per the procedure described it seems 33548 is appropriate to the scenario. Please elaborate the procedure.

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