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Lateral Ankle Stabilization

Linda Posted Tue 07th of August, 2012 17:53:41 PM

Debating on 27691 and 27698 for ankle stabilization with tendon anchor.

Peroneus brevis tendon split longitudinally and utilized for repair. Fibula was prepared for periosteal removal and suture anchor utilized at distal tip of fibula. Peroveus brevis was sutrued to periosteum and tendon was repaired.

Is this a transfer of a tendon-27691 or ligament repair - 27698?

SuperCoder Answered Tue 07th of August, 2012 19:06:10 PM

The tendon reconstruction you speak of is part of the Brostrom because a Brostrom procedure repairs torn ligaments on the outside of the ankle (lateral ligaments). The podiatrist reconstructs the torn ligaments by shortening them and reattaching them to the lateral malleolus (ankle bone). The best code to report for this is 27698 (Repair, secondary, disrupted ligament, ankle, collateral [e.g., Watson-Jones procedure]).

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