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Laser Angioplasty/AngioSculpt PTA of (R) CFMA

Stephanie Posted Wed 14th of November, 2012 15:07:16 PM

I could really use some help on coding this case.


Procedure Performed:
1. Laser angioplasty
2. AngioSculpt PTA of the right common femoral artery using 6x40 mm balloon.
3. long inflation using a regular balloon which is 6x60, Sterling over-the-wire balloon, low inflation to the right common femoral artery.

Please note this is a complex case requiring a longer time. This is a chronic total occlusion of the right common femoral artery which is a short distance of occlusion with a heavily-calcified cap proximally and distally.

we proceed with a sheath which was 5-french sheath, and then we proceed with long pigtail catheter, 5-french 125 cm, placed at the level of the L4, and aortogram was obtained (digital subtraction aorogram) using around 40 ml of contrast. Following this, we proceed with a plan as after we studied angiographic view carefully she had a chronic total occlusion of the right common femoral artery, and her symptoms were more severe on the right side, even though she had symptoms on the left side, but the severity of the symptoms is mainly on the right side. Therefore, we proceed with 6-French Destination guide. Anticoagulation used is Angiomax. We used a Quick-Cross catheter, and then we used Asahi Fielder which is 0.14 inch x 300 cm, and we were able to cross the lesion. Then we proceed with laser angioplasty using 2-0 laser. Still there wassome haziness. Therefore, we proceed with balloon angiopasty unsing AngioSculpt PTA balloon, 6 x 40, and followed by a Sterling Over-The-Wire balloon, 6 x 60. This was a complex case. There was haziness and heavily-calcified right comon femoral artery, and still we were able to see a good flow distal to that involving the distal anterior tibial, posterior tibial, and peroneal. There was no dissection noted.

**please help**

SuperCoder Answered Wed 14th of November, 2012 19:58:48 PM

Please contact customer service.

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