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laryngoscopy with rigid esophagoscopy w/ attempted FB (43194) removal - ASC

Tanesha Posted Thu 14th of November, 2019 21:35:14 PM
Would I still code both scopes, but only Laryngoscopy with attempted removal? OP excerpt: The laryngoscope was inserted looking at the larynx and the esophageal inlet, and there was no overt point noted. The Hopkins rod esophagoscopy equipment was hooked up and the pediatric esophagoscope was inserted using the video setup passing it safely into the notches of the opening of the esophagus doing a circular motion looking at all mucosal edges and passing the scope with suctioning of heavy secretions intermittently as we passed the scope, as it went down past the cricoid anatomy past the mid esophagus into the lower esophageal region. Collapse of the mucosa made visualization of the tissue of the esophagus less than optimal. No foreign body was noted. The intraoperative x-ray was done confirming that the foreign body had moved to the lower esophageal junction closer to the fundus of the stomach. Without insulation equipment, safely removing this foreign body was not possible. DIFFERENT doctor later performed EGD with FB removal successfully.
SuperCoder Answered Fri 15th of November, 2019 08:26:35 AM
Hi Thanks for your question As per the NCCI coding guidelines if the larynx is viewed through an esophagoscope or upper gastrointestinal endoscope during endoscopy a laryngoscopy CPT code cannot be reported separately nbsp However if a medically necessary laryngoscopy is performed with a separate laryngoscope both the laryngoscopy and...

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