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    What would be the best code for this scenario please the operative report reads : laparoscopic resection of 38 cm pelvic mass right tube and ovary. mass consistent with torsion Additional ports were placed in the left side and the mass was grasped and held with tension to reduce any spillage. once the fluid was suctioned approx. 18.5 lt of fluid was suctioned out of the mass. the mass was noted to be somewhat torsed,it was untorsed. the ligasure devise was used to take the IP ligament and followed down to the peritoneal area followedby the utero ovarian ligament which was thickened.Once the mass was freed hemostasis achieved the abdomen and pelvis irrigated . at this point the mass as too large to place a 15 endocath bag noted to be grossly benign it was grasped and the incision slightly extended. the mass was delivered through this incision path report : fallopian tube and ovary right salpingoophorectomy fallopian tube acute and chronic salpingitis Ovary benign hemorrhagic cyst with foci of flattened ephitelium consistent with hemorrhagic benign serous cystadenoma

  2. SuperCoder Posted 1 Year(s) ago


    I would like to suggest Cpt code 58661 Laparoscopy, surgical; with removal of adnexal structures (partial or total oophorectomy and/or salpingectomy) for OP note as its seems appropriate for the given scenerio.

  3. Lidia ivonne Posted 1 Year(s) ago

    thank you I appreciate the prompt response.

  4. SuperCoder Posted 1 Year(s) ago

    Happy to help! 

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