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Melissa Posted 6 month(s) ago
Need help with this procedure note: patient is being treated for an intrathecal pump malfunction; sterile prep was performed over the area of the left lower abdomen in the area of the pump reservoir. access was obtained by way of a 22 gauge Huber needle into the physician's access port. I injected contrast slowly after good aspiration of CSF. with flow of contrast I was able to follow the catheter from the area of the connection to the reservoir connector where there was no evidence of extravasation. I followed the catheter up to the level of T12 with no evidence of extravasation or obstruction. However, from T12 up to the tip at T10, I was not able to really visualize the catheter. There was no evidence that contrast was flowing out of the end of the tip. The tip appeared to be significantly lateral at the area of the T10 region, very close proximity to the neural foramen. No images were captured.
SuperCoder Posted 6 month(s) ago


The appropriate code for the above scenario is 62303.

Hope this helps!

Melissa Posted 6 month(s) ago
Thank you very much!
SuperCoder Posted 6 month(s) ago

Happy to help!

SuperCoder Posted 6 month(s) ago

Hi Melissa,

There is an update on this question. This answer provided to you was not correct. The correct CPT code for this scenario would be CPT code 61070. You should also report CPT code 75809 for radiological supervision and interpretation.

The procedure performed is not a myelogram. The dye was injected into the intrathecal pump side port. Hence, CPT code 62303 would not be the correct CPT code for this procedure.  

The inconvinience caused is deeply regretted. 

Let me know in case of any further questions

Posted by Melissa, 6 month(s). There are 5 posts. The latest reply is from SuperCoder.

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