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Infratentiorial approach verse a retrosigmoid approach

Deborah h Posted Fri 06th of March, 2015 14:24:27 PM

What is the difference between a infratentiorial approach and a restrosigmoid approach? Can a physician dictated in the note that he used a restrosigmoid approach when perfoming a craniotomy w/ excision biopsy for a left sided cerebellopontine angle tumor; infratentorial approach and code 61520? Wouldn't the restrosigmoid approach be different than the infratentorial approach or they considered the same thing? If they are different, than what is the cpt code that would be used for a craniotomy w/ excision biopsy for a left sided cerebelloponitne angle tumor; retrosigmoid approach?

SuperCoder Answered Tue 10th of March, 2015 04:17:59 AM

Hi Deborah,
Thank you for the query.
Though both the approaches are different, they can be used for excision of tumor (cerebellopontine angle tumor). Infratentorial approach is the approach performed beneath the tentorium of the cerebellum where as the retrosigmoid approach is Suboccipital approach involving removal of a portion of the bone behind the ear. Code 61520 is the best code available for Craniectomy for excision of brain tumor, infratentorial or posterior fossa; cerebellopontine angle tumor.

I hope this information will be helpful.

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