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Patty Posted 8 Year(s) ago

I received the new 2011 fee schedule for the new oct code of 92134 and the approved rate is listed as $39.88. Is that for both eyes or one eye?

Zella Posted 8 Year(s) ago

'92134'comes up as invalid code. Do you mean 92135? If so, it is unilateral so you bill it for each eye either on separate lines or with a 50 modifier and two units depending on the carrier.

Kelly Posted 7 Year(s) ago

I understand that 92134 took place of 92135. How do I correctly bill this to insurance. We before would bill 92135 twice with LT or RT. Now I'm not sure if I should be using any modifier

Super Posted 7 Year(s) ago

'92132', '92133' and '92134' are all unilateral or bilateral now. That means no modifiers RT or LT and qty of 1.

Kristen Posted 7 Year(s) ago

HOW ARE WE CODING 92134? modifier 50 wont work. I rebilled w/o mod and 2 units. we can bill unilater or bilateral; meaning 1 or 2 units, right? since it's not gonio or topo which indicate 'inherently bilateral.
Has anybody out there been paid for 2 units yet?

SuperCoder Posted 7 Year(s) ago

With their code descriptors specifying 'unilateral or bilateral' Medicare may need you to bill 92133 or 92134 only once, irrespective of whether the test is carried out on one or both eyes.

Posted by Patty, 8 Year(s). There are 6 posts. The latest reply is from SuperCoder.

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