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Lesia Posted 5 Year(s) ago

If multiple tests types are ordered for Pre-Operative Testing,would you use V72.83, for other specified preoperative examination, since the pre-op testing is specified (i.e. Lab, EKG, CXR and often Pre-Anes Eval.). I choose this one code since the 2nd reference below states : one of the following codes is assigned, with additional codes for the condition for which surgery is planned. Also, the last paragraph seems to indicate that if you are examining multiple structures, you use the code that covers all those areas. So, I make the same inference, if you are doing multiple system exams (i.e. cardiovascular, laboratory, chest, EKG, Anes.) then the code should cover all areas. (Per Fay Brown’s Coding Handbook Use of Supplementary Classifications 8 V and E Codes, Page 88-89)

Patients are often referred to hospital ancillary services for preoperative evaluations that involve a variety of tests performed in various departments. Patients may also be referred for preoperative blood typing. In this situation, one of the following codes is assigned, with additional codes for the condition for which surgery is planned and for any findings related to the preoperative evaluation:

 V72.81 Preoperative cardiovascular examination
 V72.82 Preoperative respiratory examination
 V72.83 Other specified preoperative examination
 V72.84 Preoperative examination, unspecified
 V72.86 Encounter for blood typing

For example:

 A patient with the diagnosis of cholelithiasis was referred to the radiology department for a preoperative chest X-ray. Code V72.83, Other specified preoperative examination, should be listed as the reason for the encounter, with an additional code for the cholelithiasis. Note that a preoperative chest X-ray is coded to V72.83, not V72.82, because the physician is not looking only at the lungs but also at the heart, bronchus, and other structures in the patient's chest.

SuperCoder Posted 5 Year(s) ago

I agree with you on this.List the ICD-9 code indicating the reason for the surgery as the secondary diagnosis. Include on the claim additional diagnoses (or other information) relevant to the pre-operative service(s). Medicare requires that you justify pre-operative visits and tests using a diagnosis code that indicates the type of preventive examination and the condition(s) that prompted the surgery. You should select your primary diagnosis from the following ICD-9 codes: V72.81 (pre-operative cardiovascular examination), V72.82 (pre-operative respiratory examination), V72.83 (other specified pre-operative examination), V72.84 (pre-operative examination, unspecified).

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