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Leorah Posted 4 month(s) ago
Our office billed code 76377 after a diagnostic cerebral angiogram because of a diagnosis of a cerebral aneurysm. Code 76377 was denied by Medicare because a cerebral aneurysm-I67.1 according to Medicare is not a covered condition. Please tell me where I can find a list of acceptable ICD codes that we would be allowed to use for 76377. Thank you
SuperCoder Posted 4 month(s) ago


CPT 76377 is incorrect code for billing diagnostic cerebral angiogram.

It’s tough to code the diagnostic cerebral angiogram without more information (where did the catheter stop, which vessels were imaged/interpreted), but compare the documentation to the code range 36221-36228.


Leorah Posted 4 month(s) ago
I am very confused about your answer because when 76377 was first introduced as a usable code. It stated in the 2013 CPT book "Report 76376 and 76377 for 3D rendering when performed in conjunction with 36221-36228". It specifically says that 76377 can be used when performing a diagnostic cerebral angiogram and catheterization codes are used.
SuperCoder Posted 4 month(s) ago


You are right if we are using 3D rendering with 36221-36228 series, we need to report 76376-76337 code. You did not mentioned earlier that you are usinig 3D rendering thats why answer was contradictory.

I checked the LCD for few states for Dx I67.1 with 76377, this Dx does not support the medical necessity, This is the reason you got a denial from medicare. kindly check the LCD policy of your state and contractor andyou will find a list of Dx that are allowed with code 76376or 76377 that supports medical necessity.


Leorah Posted 3 month(s) ago
Could you please direct me to where and how I can look this up with your software? Thank you
SuperCoder Posted 3 month(s) ago


You can check the LCD policy in LCD lookup in compliance tool. You can also check directly on CMS site.

Please find the attachment for CMS site



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