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Charlene Posted Tue 10th of October, 2017 18:02:18 PM
The 2018 ICD-10 added the combination codes for lumbar stenosis without claudication M48.061 and with claudication M48.062. How would lumbosacral stenosis with claudication be coded? I thought to use stenosis M48.07 and a separate code for claudication, but there isn't a code for claudication alone.
SuperCoder Answered Wed 11th of October, 2017 02:23:28 AM


ICD-10 according to above scenarios would be as follows:

  • M48.062 for Spinal stenosis, lumbar region with neurogenic claudication.
  • M48.08 for Spinal stenosis, sacral and sacrococcygeal region.
  • M53.3 for Sacrococcygeal disorders, not elsewhere classified (to indicate sacral claudication as no specified code for sacral claudication is available).

The reason for using M48.062 is that nueurogenic claudication is a common symptom of lumbar spinal stenosis, so its better to code sacral stenosis and lumbar stenosis separately as we have more specific code for lumbar stenosis with claudication available with us. In this way, we will be only using other specified ICD for sacral claudication, rest of our ICDs are directly available and more specific.


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