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I &D or Debribement

louise Posted Tue 05th of March, 2019 09:04:34 AM
Incision and drainage left foot.. 15 blade use to excised the skin margin on the base of the wound completely. There was no bone exposed. A significant amount of scar tissue noticed as well as deep fascia and subcutaneous tissue. This was excised with a 15 blade. No bone was noticed. irrigation with 1 L normal saline, I reapproximated with 3-0 nylon the most lateral aspect of the wound,
SuperCoder Answered Wed 06th of March, 2019 02:48:11 AM

Hi Louise,


CPT code 11043 would be the most appropriate code as per the provided documentation. I&D (Incision and drainage) was not performed. Provider debrided excessive scar tissue at fascia and subcutaneous level followed by irrigation and wound closure. Therefore, CPT code 11043 would be the most appropriate CPT code.



louise Posted Thu 07th of March, 2019 07:45:55 AM
Thanks, but now I am getting an edit. This was also done with a Partial 5th metatarsal bone resection on the same foot. The 5 cm in length was performed from the distal aspect of the 5th metatarsal stump. The wound was sharply dissected to the level of the bone and the deep fascia and the periosteum were dissected off the 5th metatarsal. Then, using a sagittal saw, approximately 1 cm of bone was removed from the 5th metatarsal stump. The bone was removed and appeared to be better padding underneath the 5th metatarsal stump 27884 vs 28110
SuperCoder Answered Fri 08th of March, 2019 03:05:31 AM

Hi Louise,


If the location of the procedures performed is same, then debridement code would not be billed. Debridement service would be considered included in the other major surgical procedure performed on the billed date of service. However, if the anatomical location of both the procedures is different or procedures are performed through seperate incisions then you can bill both the procedures. Append modifier 59 with CPT code 11043 to override the bundling edit.



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