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  1. luisa Posted 1 Year(s) agoRelated Topics

    What CPT code do you use for tracheal decannulation? We used to code 37999 but is not valid anymore.

  2. SuperCoder Posted 1 Year(s) ago


    If tracheal decannulation is done in office, then it is included in E/M cpt code, not separately payable. If it is done in OR, then 31899 (Unlisted procedure, trachea, bronchi) seems to be the most appropriate code.


  3. luisa Posted 1 Year(s) ago

    It is done in the OR, CPT code 31502 do you think it pertains to this procedure "tracheal decannulation "?

  4. SuperCoder Posted 1 Year(s) ago


    Decannulation procedure is a process in which either the tracheal tube has come out accidentally or the physician plans to remove it when the patient does not need it anymore. On the other hand, CPT code 31502 indicates removal of old tube with insertion of new tube. If your physician has just removed the tube, then there is no specific CPT code available in which case you need to use CPT code 31899 (Unlisted procedure, trachea, bronchi). But if the physician has replaced the tube with the new one, then you may use CPT code 31502.


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