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HELP!!!!! - er icd-9 question

Mary Posted Tue 22nd of February, 2011 22:02:03 PM

We had a resident brought to our ER from our adjoining ER due to the son feeling that parent did "not look right" - Nothing was found - patient had no complaints - do I need to code this as "V71.89" or use one of the diagnoses this patient carries as a resident? Would appreciate any input

SuperCoder Answered Thu 24th of February, 2011 09:54:59 AM

I have mentioned the details below where to use V codes in the ED. But the usage of these codes are based on certain scenarios where using V codes as Primary is the best option and this primary depends upon the documentation details. It is impossible to explain the possible kind of scenario in detail.

I hope the info below would be not the only conditions, but would be examples of using V code in ED condition. Accordingly you need to look at the documentation and decide for V71.89 in your case.

The following are some commonly used V codes in the ED and the situations in which they may be used.
V71.4 Observation following other accident – a patient presenting after a motor vehicle accident but is uninjured
V71.5 Observation following alleged rape or seduction – examination of either the victim or culprit for evidence collection
V70.4 Examination for medicolegal reason - patient brought by law enforcement for blood-alcohol test.
V55.1 Attention to artificial openings, gastrostomy – a patient is sent from nursing home because G-tube has fallen out and needs replacing
V62.84 Suicidal ideation - patient is having suicidal thoughts or actions.
V22.2 Incidental pregnancy (not primary Dx)
V65.5 Person with feared complaint not found (not primary Dx)
V71.3 Observation following accident at work
V71.89 Observation for other suspected conditions
V72.41 Negative pregnancy test
V72.42 Positive pregnancy test

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