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Generator change, new ventricular lead.

Barbara Posted Mon 16th of March, 2015 10:24:32 AM

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: End of life of generator and lead, the ventricular
lead malfunction.
Can you help clarify which CPT codes should be used in this surgery. Coder used 33207 and 33233. Just checking to see if these are correct.

1. Generator change.
2. Ultrasound guidance for cannulation of the left subclavian vein.
3. New ventricular lead.

DESCRIPTION OF SURGERY: The patient was prepped and draped in the usual
sterile fashion over the left chest. Using 1% lidocaine and 0.5% Sensorcaine,
an incision was made down to the pacemaker site. Pacemaker explanted, but its
leads were left attached. Then, using ultrasound guidance, we were able to
cannulate the left subclavian vein.

It should be noted that before the case was done, we did a left upper extremity
venogram that showed that the left subclavian was patent.

We then placed a new right ventricular Boston Scientific lead, model 4137,
serial #29564805, into the intraventricular septum. The first attachment
failed, second attached was successful with an R-wave of 9.8, threshold of 1.2,
impedance 948 ohms. Lead was tied in place with 2-0 silk and then the _____
old atrial lead was attached to a new generator, Ingenio DRIS1, model K173,
serial 393783.

SuperCoder Answered Tue 17th of March, 2015 02:14:55 AM

AAE does not provide coding for operative reports and chart notes.

SuperCoder offers SuperCoding on Demand (SOD) ( for coding of an operative report or chart note and you can contact (866)228-9252 or e-mail for more information.

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