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SuperCoder Posted Thu 22nd of March, 2012 18:26:59 PM

What is global period for endoscopy procedures? i understand for surgery it is 90 days... So if patient has to have repeat surgery, for example, to clean out abscess that developed from gallbladder surgery, then it is bundled?

2. Is billing for egd/peg one code or two codes? If i do egd as "scout", i assume peg includes egd in its description and i cannot circle both to be billed separately. But if i do egd to evaluate anemia, and then do peg... I assume that is when i get circle both cpt codes.

3. Egd/eus i do similar to egd/peg? Sometimes i do scouting egd, sometimes i do not. So this is where dx comes in, correct?

SuperCoder Answered Fri 23rd of March, 2012 06:07:23 AM

1) Yes, for surgery it is 90 days and it is bundled if it is falling within the global period of 90 days (eg. repeat same surgery or clean out abscess from gb surgery).
2) One code. CPT 43234 is for EGD - simple primary examination. If you used PEG tube concurrently, then you should go for a single code 43246. Yes, you should not circle for both. You should only circle EGD. If you did EGD first for anemia and then did PEG placement, then also you should only circle EGD. You never report both 43234 and 43246 because 43234 is an integral component of 43246.
3) EGD/EUS are not similar like EGD/PEG. Codes are differ. For EGD/EUS (endoscopic ultrasound), you should report 43259 whereas EGD/PEG (gstrostomy tube), you should go for 43246.

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