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Fluoroscopic-Guided Glycerol Rhizotomy into Meckel's Cave

Mary ann Posted Fri 10th of May, 2013 21:21:22 PM

Which code would I use to code the above procedure?
64600 vs. 64610
If 64600 is the correct code, would I code fluoroscopy code?

SuperCoder Answered Wed 15th of May, 2013 03:55:42 AM

You should report these blocks using 64400 (Injection, anesthetic agent; trigeminal nerve, any division or branch). Both of these nerves are branches of the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve has three main divisions. The infraorbital nerve comes off the V2 division (maxillary nerve) while the auriculotemporal nerve is a branch off the V3 division (mandibular nerve).
Note: If your physiatrist performs a destruction, you'll report 64600 (Destruction by neurolytic agent, trigeminal nerve; supraorbital, infraorbital, mental, or inferior alveolar branch). According to the CPT parenthetical note, the destruction codes 64600–64681 include the injection of other therapeutic agents (such as, corticosteroids).

SuperCoder Answered Wed 15th of May, 2013 04:02:20 AM

77002 - the fluoro code will not be reported separately with 64600.

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