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Fissurectomy 46200

Camille Posted Wed 01st of April, 2020 12:25:37 PM
Is sharply trimming back chronic fibrosis associated with a posterior midline fissure, to healthy, bleeding tissue, reportable as Fissurectomy, CPT 46200? (Performed also; Botox Sphincterotomy (CPT 46505)) Thank you!
SuperCoder Answered Thu 02nd of April, 2020 04:24:09 AM

Hi Camille,

Thank you for your question.

CPT 46200 is the correct code for fissurectomy, however sphincterotomy is included in 46200.

Secondly, it is correct to use CPT 46505 in this procedure which involves an injection of a substance into an internal anal sphincter to treat it. In this procedure, the physician administers Botulinum toxin (Botox) into the anal canal to treat anal fissures. This causes relaxation of muscles, thus preventing the muscle spasm in the sphincter.


Also, note that:

When the patient is injected with Botox type A, report J0585 (Botulinum toxin type A, per unit). If the patient is injected Botox type B, report J0587 (Botulinum toxin type B, per 100 units).

Use caution: The Food and Drug Administration approves of two botulinum types or serotypes, so you should keep the types separate for billing purposes. Specifically, J0587 (Botulinum toxin type B, per 100 units), a drug trade-named Myobloc, is not the same as Botox, or botulinum toxin type A. Do not use J0585 and J0587 interchangeably.

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