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Failed interop. cholangiogram

Joyce Posted Tue 01st of September, 2015 15:39:29 PM

The surgeon performed lap chole with interop. Cholangiogram, but the x-ray procedure failed. It was attempted, but failed. Do I code 47562 or the 47563 as the time, and effort was made for the x-ray but not successful.

SuperCoder Answered Wed 02nd of September, 2015 00:21:24 AM

As the efforts were made, so you should use CPT code 57563 with 53 modifier (discontinued services). Please provide proper documentation which supports that efforts for Cholangiogram were made and also mention the reason why it was not successful.

Joyce Posted Wed 02nd of September, 2015 09:07:57 AM

I was concerned with the use of Modifier 53, as it would appear that the entire procedure (lap chole was the discontinued service, and the concern was that we would not obtain payment for the lap chole as well. I do have the proper documentation regarding the failed cholangiogram to submit. And I think your answer is 47563 not 57563 correct?

Thank you.

SuperCoder Answered Wed 02nd of September, 2015 09:11:39 AM

Opps... Yeah that was a typo error. The complete code is for lap chole with interop. Cholangiogram. If anything did not performed with any reason, you should use Modifier 53 with proper documentation. Please use 47563. This time I mentioned the correct code.

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