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  1. Nicole Posted 1 Year(s) agoRelated Topics

    Doctor did the following procedures: C2-C7 Posterior Segment Instrumentation and Fusion (22600, 22614x5) C2-C6 Bilateral Laminectomy, Foraminotomy and Medial Facetectomy (63045, 63048x4) Question is, the C6-C7 Lamina was not removed due to the substantial amount of stenosis, but bilateral foraminotomies and medial facetectomies were done. Is there something that can be billed for that at the C6-C7 level? (I am possibly thinking 63075?)

  2. SuperCoder Posted 1 Year(s) ago

    Hi Nicole,

    we will just append modifier 52 in last 2 units of 63048. Hope it helps.

    Thank you

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