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Laura Posted Mon 22nd of January, 2018 16:11:15 PM
My surgeon did an I & D of a perineal abscess (CPT 46050 per previous Super Coder query). The next day he explored the PERINEAL wound and did not need to debride anything. Is there a CPT code for this? Here is his documentation: "The wound was inspected there was normal healthy tissue seen. There was no tissue that needed debridement. I put a finger in and tried is feel for any loculations and there were none. Wound was irrigated. Approximately 1.5 yards of 1 in surgical packing was placed with a pack of 4x4s placed over it. Patient tolerated the procedure well."
SuperCoder Answered Tue 23rd of January, 2018 01:06:09 AM


CPT 46050 has a global period of 10 days. And as per documentation, the patient came for follow up, after procedure 46050.

For 10-day post-operative period procedures, Medicare does not allow separate payment for post-operative visits or services within 10 days of the surgery that are related to recovery from the procedure.

Hope that helps!

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