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excision of an umbilical polyp

Sarah Posted Thu 19th of July, 2012 16:51:41 PM

What is the procedure code for an excision of an umbilical polp? the doctor is tying off the umbilical cord and putting a disolvable stitch on.

SuperCoder Answered Tue 24th of July, 2012 01:50:05 AM

Hi Norman.
I don't have much experience with this sort of procedure so I asked surgery coding expert, Marcella Bucknam, for her thoughts. Here's what she had to say:
"I'm a little unsure from this question exactly what it happening here. Are we talking about a newborn with a polyp on the stub of the umbilical cord? That's what it seems like but why would someone treat a polyp on a structure that is going to fall off by itself in a few days/weeks? However, if that is not what is being done, I'm having a hard time picturing what the procedure is or for that matter why the doc isn't just snipping the polyp off.

In short, I guess it could be coded a couple of ways but I'd probably start with the Skin codes. I think this could be treated like a skin tag. Otherwise, the doc could use an unlisted code for the integument. Pricing could compare to skin tag removal or, if he feels the work is much more complex, it could be compared to rubber band ligation of a hemorrhoid (the only reason I can think of to treat it at all is that it may be vascularized and may be rubbing against the diaper and bleeding so comparison to hemorrhoid might make sense)."
I hope this helps you some.
Leesa A. Israel, BA, CPC, CUC, CMBS
Executive Editor, The Coding Institute
Manager, TCI Consulting & Revenue Cycle Solutions

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