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Sonnia Posted Wed 10th of August, 2016 14:18:09 PM
The patient had a VATS wedge resection 32608 and the lymph node excision of level 9. My understanding is you need at least 3 levels (4,7 & 9) excised in order to use 38746. Is this correct? If so, then what code can I use for the lymph node excision or is it integral to the wedge resection?
SuperCoder Answered Thu 11th of August, 2016 09:48:13 AM



Cpt code for mediastinal and regional lymphadenectomy by thoracotomy is 38476. Please clarify VATS wedge resection performed was therapeutic or diagnostic. If wedge resection was therapeutic then correct code is 32666 Thoracoscopy, surgical; with therapeutic wedge resection (eg, mass, nodule), initial unilateral or if it was performed diagnostic correct code is 32608.

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