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EGD with Esophageal Dilation by Bougie

Joseph Posted Mon 18th of June, 2012 14:01:09 PM

Which cpt codes would be best to use for an EGD and an Esophageal Dilation by bougie. The dilation was in the esophagus and not the gastric outlet. The reason for the dilation was dysphagia and a Malrotation of the larynx. A gastroscope had to be introduced to view why the bougie would not pass into the esophagus. I also need to know which Icd 9 code could be used for Malrotation of the larynx. I think it should be 748.3 but am not sure. Thank you for any insight into this issue. I am not quite sure on how to code this correctly.

SuperCoder Answered Mon 18th of June, 2012 17:51:28 PM

43450 and 43235-59 are the codes.

I would prefer 478.79 for malrotation of larynx, however the medical neccisity is provided by dysphagia only

784.3 is is an impairment of language ability

Joseph Posted Mon 18th of June, 2012 20:23:45 PM

Thank you for your help with the cpt codes, however, If you look at my question about Malrotation you will see that I put 748.3 for the malrotation of larynx due to the fact that it is an anomaly. Do you think that code would work or do you think the 478.79 is a better code? Thanks for your help.

SuperCoder Answered Mon 18th of June, 2012 20:26:51 PM

I respect your view but seeing the case i would recommend 478.79 a better code here.

Joseph Posted Mon 18th of June, 2012 20:43:59 PM

Thank you for your help. I appreciate the clarification.

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