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Echo and Stress Echo same day same dx

Cindy Posted Wed 14th of May, 2014 23:58:44 PM

Echo "93306" done the same day in the office as a Stress Echo "93351". There are 2 reports, but it was done for the same reason so it would not be appropriate to bill the 93306 with a 59 modifier.

I read that you could bill 93351/93320/93325 instead?

Is that ok since the 93320/93325 is part of the 93306 TTE report and the Stress Echo has its own report?

Thank you!

Would it be ok to bill these add on codes and is it ok that they are not all in one report?

SuperCoder Answered Tue 20th of May, 2014 13:08:18 PM

It would be incorrect to use the 93306 and 93351. You have to code the 93351 and also pick up the other portions of the tests that’s not included in the 93351 code. Basically the provider did a complete stress test and the echo. You would use the 99351 (Echocardiography, transthoracic, real-time with image documentation (2D), includes M-mode recording, when performed, during rest and cardiovascular stress test using treadmill, bicycle exercise and/or pharmacologically induced stress, with interpretation and report; including performance of continuous electrocardiographic monitoring, with supervision by a physician or other qualified health care professional.)
You would also need to code 93320 which is an add on code (Doppler echocardiography, pulsed wave and/or continuous wave with spectral display (List separately in addition to codes for echocardiographic imaging); complete) This is to be used in conjunction with 93303, 93304, 93312, 93314, 93315, 93317, 93350, 93351. Also 93325 (Doppler echocardiography color flow velocity mapping (List separately in addition to codes for echocardiography) this is also an add on code to be used in conjunction with 76825, 76826, 76827, 76828, 93303, 93304, 93308, 93312, 93314, 93315, 93317, 93350, 93351.

There are no modifiers to be used with these codes as long as the provider did all components of the report.

Hope this helps.

Cindy Posted Thu 12th of June, 2014 18:48:59 PM

Thank you!

SuperCoder Answered Fri 13th of June, 2014 05:58:02 AM

You are welcome!

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