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Eaton Stress Views

Ingrid Posted Thu 28th of January, 2016 11:51:57 AM

Our physicians order bilateral hand views with an Eaton stress view. The stress is only performed by the patient, not the physician or radiologist. The report reads: PA, oblique and lateral views hands bilaterally with Eaton stress view(bilateral thumbs side by side on one film). The physician is focusing on pain of the basal thumb joints and carpal bones (which show on the hand views).
1) Besides 73130-50 (hand views) what code would you use for the Eaton stress view of the bilateral basal thumb joints?
2) If only one hand (PA, oblique and lateral views) is taken with the Eaton stress view (one film bilateral thumbs) how would this be coded?

SuperCoder Answered Fri 29th of January, 2016 03:48:16 AM

1)There is no code particular code for stress view performed by the patient himself, therefore 73130-50 seems appropriate.
2)Not sure whether I have understood the second part of your question correctly, however as per my understanding, you have asked how to code if only one is involved. In this case, use modifier LT or RT, depending on whether the hand is left or right.

Ingrid Posted Fri 29th of January, 2016 20:01:04 PM

1) Then 73130-50 should include all 3 views of the hands bilaterally
and including the Eaton stress view (bilateral thumbs on one film)?

2) Would the appropriate coding for #2 be:
73130-RT (3 views and Eaton stress view RT thumb)
73120-52-LT (Eaton stress view of LT thumb-1 view)

SuperCoder Answered Mon 01st of February, 2016 07:23:05 AM

Team is working on the query, will get back to you soon.

SuperCoder Answered Mon 01st of February, 2016 07:23:05 AM
Team is working on the query. Will reply soon.
SuperCoder Answered Tue 02nd of February, 2016 03:04:51 AM

The CPT code which should be used for entire report is 73130-RT, 73130-LT or 73130-50 depending on payer preference.
we cannot bill thumb separately. Neither we can use 73140 because it clearly states in the Coders Desk Reference for Procedures that this code is for the 2nd thru 5th digits only, not the thumb. Thank you.

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