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Dual Chamber ICD Downgrade to PPM

Mary ann Posted Tue 14th of January, 2014 16:31:47 PM

The pt. was admitted to have an upgrade of his ICD to a BIV device for resynchronization; however, the revision process was unsuccessful because his carotid sinus was ablated during a mitral valve procedure several years ago. Instead, pt. had a removal of a (AICD) automatic cardioverter defibrillator and downgraded to insertion of a single-chamber pacemaker only. No leads were inserted, the old leads were used. What ICD-9-CM procedure codes would you use? Thanks

SuperCoder Answered Wed 15th of January, 2014 10:30:21 AM

V53.31 is a good choice.

Mary ann Posted Wed 15th of January, 2014 18:40:11 PM

I wasn't asking about diagnosis code....I was asking about ICD-9-CM procedure codes.....

Mary ann Posted Tue 21st of January, 2014 18:23:34 PM

Do you know when you will have an answer to this question?? Thanks

Mary ann Posted Mon 27th of January, 2014 17:12:51 PM

Is someone going to answer this question for me?? Thanks

SuperCoder Answered Wed 29th of January, 2014 12:56:38 PM

So many code choices ... and a couple more questions to help narrow options.

- What type of approach did the surgeon use to remove the existing ICD (thoracotomy? transvenous extraction?)?

- We know the surgeon used the patient's existing leads when inserting the new pacemaker. How many leads were there? 'Dual' or 'multiple' options have separate codes.

Once we know these details, we can hopefully assign the correct procedure codes and then Vol. 3.

Mary ann Posted Thu 30th of January, 2014 09:09:07 AM

Thoracotomy and dual leads....

SuperCoder Answered Thu 30th of January, 2014 11:48:52 AM

OK, from what I can figure,

37.85 - Replacement of any type pacemaker device with single-chamber device, not specified as rate responsive
37.86 - Replacement of any type of pacemaker device with single-chamber device, rate responsive

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