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Sylvia Posted Fri 16th of March, 2012 18:46:10 PM

i have just started billing for toxicology lab drug screening can we muliply G0431 for the number of panel that were ordered by the provider or we have run it through CLIA waived certified Lab.
even though there is no positives can we still use 80102 for confimration on the same bill with 80101 (G0431)

SuperCoder Answered Sat 17th of March, 2012 15:55:18 PM

You should run it through CLIA waived certified Lab. You should not use 80102 if there is no positive findings on initial drug screen (80100-80101).
G0431 (Drug screen, qualitative; multiple drug classes by high complexity test method (e.g., immunoassay, enzyme assay), per patient encounter) will be used to report more complex testing methods, such as multi-channel chemistry analyzers, where a more complex instrumented device is required to perform some or all of the screening tests for the patient. Note that the descriptor has been revised for CY 2011. This code may only be reported if the drug screen test(s) is classified as CLIA high complexity test(s) with the following restrictions:
1.G0431 may only be reported when tests are performed using instrumented systems (i.e.,durable systems capable of withstanding repeated use).
2. CLIA waived tests and comparable non-waived tests may not be reported under test code G0431; they must be reported under test code G0434.
3. CLIA moderate complexity tests should be reported under test code G0434 with one (1) Unit of Service (UOS).
4. G0431 may only be reported once per patient encounter.
5. Laboratories billing G0431 must not append the QW modifier to claim lines.

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