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Drug Administration

Vaida Posted Tue 16th of April, 2013 14:53:12 PM

I am confused about the term "Drug Administration", especially when it comes to topical agents. Does drug administration mean prescribing topical agents only or applying them on patient's skin as well?

SuperCoder Answered Mon 22nd of April, 2013 12:06:51 PM

Writing a prescription is not the same as administering. Here’s the Medicare definition of administered from the section on determining whether a drug is considered usually self-administered (and therefore not covered under Part B). Note that it says topicals are generally considered self-administered so there are coverage issues.

“The term “administered” refers only to the physical process by which the drug enters the patient’s body. It does not refer to whether the process is supervised by a medical professional (for example, to observe proper technique or side-effects of the drug). Injectable drugs, including intravenously administered drugs, are typically eligible for inclusion under the “incident to” benefit. With limited exceptions, other routes of administration including, but not limited to, oral drugs, suppositories, topical medications are considered to be usually self-administered by the patient.” Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 15 –Section 50.2 B,

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