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dressing done in office

Elizabeth Posted Tue 02nd of March, 2010 15:58:56 PM

what code can we use for a dressing change other than a burn dressing change - example an abscess that we would drain

SuperCoder Answered Wed 03rd of March, 2010 08:57:39 AM

If you are using anesthesia (other than local) for dressing change, you can code 15852. If you are not using any anesthesia, coding will depend on whether or not there is any global post-op. days in place for the Sx already made (for which the dressing is needed now). If there is no global period for the Sx done [e.g. 11100, 17311-17314, 11300-11313 etc.] you can code the post-op. dressing change service with an appropriate E&M code (ofice / outpt. visit, 99201 - 99215). No modifier needed unless some other Px was done on the same day of dressing change or there is a follow-up period for another unrelated Sx already done.

However services like abscess drainage (10060) has 10-days global and if the visit for dressing change falls within that post-op. period, no code is required to bill this. There is one code, however, 99024, but insurances including MCR generally do not pay for this and this code is usually used for tracking the visit purpose ("no-charge visit"). Most of the payers, including MCR will not pay for an E&M visit(dressing change) during the post-op. period, considering this service as an integral part of the main Sx. However you can try coding an E&M with modifier 24 (when the main Sx has a global period & dressing change falling within that time). If you get a denial, try for an appeal.

SuperCoder Answered Wed 03rd of March, 2010 09:48:04 AM

And for Dx code, you can code V58.31 or V58.32 or any other post-op. complication code (if there is any complication at all).

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