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Diverting end Colostomy and Hartmann's pouch

Oscar Posted Sun 08th of February, 2015 05:09:37 AM

Hi Team

My doctor has performed "Exploratory Laparotomy, Diverting end colostomy and Hartmann's pouch" for a diagnosis "Obstructing Metastatic Colon Cancer".

In summary upon entering abdomen massively distended colon identified, my doctor has "mobilized the sigmoid colon by taking the white line of Toldt. The distal sigmoid colon was divided using an Endo-Gia 60 purple load x2. Mesentery was taken using the 10 mm Ligasure device. After adequate mobilization of sigmoid colon a standard colostomy site was chosen and the skin was excised using electrocautery. Fascia was opened in a cruciate fashion. A 3 finger dilation was done through which the massively dilated colon was then passed through".

So, now my question is "can I use 44143 for above procedure?


SuperCoder Answered Mon 09th of February, 2015 03:18:41 AM

Yes, code 44143 best matches the above description of procedure. Thanks !!

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