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Discharge Summary

SuperCoder Posted Wed 04th of April, 2012 13:09:17 PM

Is it legal to have multiple authors on the discharge summary? For instance multiple NPs contribute to a discharge note. Your input is appreciated.

SuperCoder Answered Wed 04th of April, 2012 20:10:52 PM

I found this relevant to the query.
Multiple physicians. There can be up to three physicians managing the care of a patient, and all three can try to bill for the discharge, notes Charol Spaulding, vice president of Coding Continuum in Tucson, AZ. Say an internal medicine physician admitted the patient, and then consulted with a cardiologist, who follows the patient through the episode of care. Both doctors might try to bill the discharge, says Spaulding.

But only the physician who actually admitted the patient can bill for the discharge, Spaulding insists. The only exception is if the admitting physician explicitly transferred the patient's care to the other doctor.

Source : Part B Insider TCI

SuperCoder Posted Thu 05th of April, 2012 12:27:10 PM

Thank you Amit for your response, it was helpful; but I am still not clear. The above apply to the discharge note which is a face-toface encounter with the patient on the date of the discharge. The discharge summary is completely separately report, it is a summary of the patient stay which is very lenghtly. My question is, we are a group, including NP, and they all contribute to the care of the patient and therefore,they contribute writing the discharge summmary. Is it legal to have various members of the same group writing the discharge summary in other words multiple authors?

SuperCoder Answered Thu 05th of April, 2012 21:41:19 PM

We will get back to you on this.I have to research further.Thank You

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