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Annie Posted Mon 19th of December, 2016 16:02:17 PM
If a physician see a patient and gave a subsequent visit 99233 and the patient died the same day and the same physician did a discharge. Which code do I use the subsequent or the discharge?
SuperCoder Answered Tue 20th of December, 2016 00:34:39 AM

Hi Tim,

As per CMS guidelines Pay only the hospital discharge management code on the day of discharge (unless it is also the day of admission). Contractors do not pay both a subsequent hospital visit in addition to hospital discharge day management service on the same day by the same physician. Instruct physicians that they may not bill for both a hospital visit and hospital discharge management for the same date of service.

Also only the physician who personally performs the pronouncement of death shall bill for the face-to-face Hospital Discharge Day Management Service, CPT code 99238 or 99239. The date of the pronouncement shall reflect the calendar date of service on the day it was performed even if the paperwork is delayed to a subsequent date. Hope it helps. Thank you

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