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Cysto & Ureteral Stent Placement Through Ileal Loop Urostomy

Kirsten Posted Wed 02nd of September, 2015 08:18:30 AM

Patient had a narrowing 3 cm into his ileal loop urostomy resulting in uropathy due to obstruction. The doc performed a "cysto" in which he dilated the stricture. To prevent future obstructions, he also placed a ureteral stent. I was looking at 50953, but that does not include placement of a stent. Please advise.

SuperCoder Answered Thu 03rd of September, 2015 01:26:05 AM

50953 is for catheterization but not for stent placement. There is no specific code for stent placement. So, we would suggest you to use unlisted CPT code for and provide proper documentation with claim form which support the procedure.

Kirsten Posted Thu 03rd of September, 2015 08:46:24 AM

What CPT code should I compare the unlisted code to? Would 52332 be correct or is there another code I should use for comparison?
Thank you for your assistance with this.

SuperCoder Answered Fri 04th of September, 2015 01:10:34 AM

Use Unlisted CPT code 53899 (Unlisted procedure, urinary system). You cannot compare this procedure with 52332, as it was done through endoscopy but not through Cystoscopically. To compare the procedure, you can compare it with CPT 50953.

Kirsten Posted Tue 08th of September, 2015 16:43:25 PM

I located a supercoder article regarding endoscopic evaluation of ileal loop which suggests to use 44385, Volume 11, #1 of 2009. Is this still relevant?

SuperCoder Answered Wed 09th of September, 2015 01:02:40 AM

Yes, you are right, but that example is of koch Pouch. Your documentation did not mentioned that koch pocuh was created as a substitute of bladder. If that the case, you can use CPT code 44385 and 52332-52 (as cystoscopy was not done). But if your provider did not created koch pouch and simple did ileal loop urostomy, than we left with no specific code, you need to use unlisted code only.

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