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CVA versus cerebral infarction

Lynn Posted Fri 22nd of July, 2011 22:16:00 PM

When diagnosis coding for stenosis of carotid artery '433.10' (with 0 being without mention of cerebral infarction) I have a patient with history of CVA (cardiovascular accident). I'm stumped, do I code with mention of cerebral infarction '433.00' or History of CVA? Does CVA and cerebral infarction mean the same thing?
Thank you for your help!

SuperCoder Answered Fri 22nd of July, 2011 23:29:19 PM

If the present evaluation documents CVA is still a present condition, then you should code with CVA(434.91), else, you should code for history of CVA (V12.54).

Lynn Posted Sat 23rd of July, 2011 04:47:56 AM

Thank you, but I still need to know if CVA and cerebral infarct are the same as this procedure I am coding for is an endarterectomy of the carotid artery and so must code with 433.xx along with history of CVA. Sorry I wasn't more clear but need to know how to code the carotid artery stenosis, with or without mention of cerebral infarction? Need to know whether to put a 1 or 0 as fourth didgit?

SuperCoder Answered Sat 23rd of July, 2011 13:07:59 PM

I don't want to say that CVA and cerebral infarction are same, what I wanted to say is that ICD for both is same, i.e; code for CVA or cerebral infarction is 434.91.
But there are several combination codes for cerebral infarction. Let's take the context of your question, like:
Carotid stenosis without mention of cerebral infarction: 433.10
Carotid stenosis with cerebral infarction: 433.11
Carotid stenosis without mention of cerebral infarction with past history of CVA: 433.10, V12.54

Alicia Answered Thu 02nd of February, 2012 13:30:06 PM

This is an article about CVA and carotid stenosis. I hope it helps

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