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Nancy Posted Tue 16th of March, 2010 15:26:18 PM

Can a CRNA bill for the administration of Versed or is this considered to be given by a RN only

SuperCoder Answered Wed 17th of March, 2010 08:04:46 AM

Versed is used as preoperative sedation, sedation during diagnostic/therapeutic px, or for induction of general anesthesia this drug has a shorter duration and faster clearance from the body. Depending upon the circumstances it can be billed billed by RN in case of small settings and in the emergency department. Midazolam, are provided by the perianesthesia nursing staff before a surgery. The anesthesia team (an anesthesiologist and a certified registered nurse anesthetist [CRNA]) are responsible for administering of all deep sedation and general anesthesia, including nitrous oxide and intravenous (IV) propofol.
So in this case I can say that it depends upon the place where this has been administered. Also, you need to check the payers policy.
Also as per nursing policy a RN cannot exceed a the dose more than 6 mg, see the dosage chart in this link below:

SuperCoder Answered Wed 17th of March, 2010 12:49:36 PM

Versed can also be used in small surgeries like cataract removal, along with Midazolam, Propofol etc. and in these cases the anesthesiologist or the CRNA usually provides the drug for providing sedation. These services are generally performed in ASC, and sometimetimes in hospital under inpatient condition, but the administration is always billable as long as it's used for sedation / anesthetizing purpose. Therefore, CRNA or RN -- any appropriate NPP person can bill this.

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