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Barbara Posted Thu 08th of March, 2018 09:39:07 AM
hi..,.pt developed facial heamatoma , dr took her back to OR unstiched cheek area suctioned the clot out and restiched her ..i am having trouble finding CPT code thank you for the help
SuperCoder Answered Fri 09th of March, 2018 02:26:20 AM

Hi Barbara,

Heamatoma seems to be the complication of previous procedure performed. So if the patient is retured to OR in the global period of the initial procedure, then facial heamatoma suctioning is not billable, however, it will be included in the main procedure. Please feel free to ask for any further query. 

Barbara Posted Fri 09th of March, 2018 14:25:49 PM
ithe pt had a cosmetic face lift not billed to ins. Thou i understand it is a complication of that , so is it still not billable.? He unstiched the cheek area and evacuated the clot and restiched.
SuperCoder Answered Mon 12th of March, 2018 23:54:43 PM

Hi Barbara,

Cosmetic surgeries are generally not paid by insurance companies, you may need to check payer policy and contact them regarding the same. However, complication of previous surgery performed in its global period will still not be billable.

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