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Lili Posted Thu 29th of June, 2017 14:51:07 PM
I need CPT codes and ICD 10 for this surgery: Reformation of the anterior chamber, Synechiolysis, pupiloplasty, lensectomy, vitrectomy via pars plana, endolaser photocoagulation, cryopexy, air-fluid exchange, injection of SF6. ICD 10: Vitreous hemorrhage and choroidal hemorrhage and temporal chorioretinal scar towards the fovea. thank you,
SuperCoder Answered Fri 30th of June, 2017 09:42:02 AM


Use CPT 66020 for reformation of anterior chamber and for pupilloplasty if done with a laser to improve vision, use 66762 (Iridoplasty by photocoagulation and if glaucoma was the cause, and the procedure was done without a laser, use CPT 66630 (Iridectomy, with corneoscleral or corneal section; sector for glaucoma); if a laser was used, use CPT 66761 (Iridotomy/iridectomy by laser surgery (e.g., for glaucoma).

CPT 66852 is for removal of lens material; pars plana approach, with or without vitrectomy.

ICD-10 for vitreous hemorrhage- H43.10, H43.11, H43.12, H43.13 (select the side accordingly); choroidal hemorrhage- H31.411, H31.412, H31.413, H31.419 (select the side accordingly); temporal chorioretinal scar- H31.091, H31.092, H31.093, H31.099 (select the side accordingly).

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