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    Patient has Salzmann's nodular degeneration/corneal scarring of the right eye. The physician excised the scarring. The physician's office reported 65430, but the description of that code states "In the office" and is used to determine a diagnosis and there was no culture done on this patient. I also was looking at 65400, but this was debridement of the scarring down to the normal surface of the cornea. Anyone have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them!!

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    This is a part of Keratectomy. I agree with you on 65400. This can be considered as excisional debridement. This code can be used used for depending upon the indications.

    •Superficial corneal dystrophies (including granular, lattice, and Reis-Buckler's dystrophies)
    •Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy, irregular corneal surfaces (secondary to Salzmann's degeneration, keratoconus nodules, or other irregular surfaces)
    •Corneal scars and opacities (i.e., post-traumatic, post-surgical, post-infectious, and secondary to pathology).

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