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Column 2 code Vs 1

SuperCoder Answered Mon 30th of November, 2009 13:57:13 PM

What do you mean when you say to use the modifier in column 2?

SuperCoder Answered Mon 30th of November, 2009 14:02:12 PM

Column 1/Column 2 Correct Coding Edits (formerly Comprehensive/Component) apply to code combination where one of the codes maybe a component of a more comprehensive code. Although the column 2 code is often a component of a more comprehensive column 1 code, this relationship is not true for many edits in this table. The code pair edit may simply represent two codes that should not be reported together. For example, a provider should not report a laparoscopic cholecystectomy code and an open cholecystectomy code together. The edit allows payment for the column 1 code only.

It has been mentioned below the CCI edit list of Supercoder that "If applicable" a modifier can be used with column 2 code.

Lisa Answered Mon 01st of February, 2010 05:13:48 AM

When you look up your codes in cci or rvu manual (federal register), if you are coding two separate procedure codes, first start by looking up one in column one and see if you can find the other listed next to it in column two. Then reverse look up the second procedure and see if you see the first procedure in the second column. When you find the codes you are looking for if you find these two listed next to each other then look to see if a modifier is allowed, if it is, you place the 59 modifier next to the code that is listed in column two. You can find this in the federal register. If you are looking it up in Supercoder the 59 modifier goes with the code that is alerted. The ones that say no cci edit found require no modifier.

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