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    I am confused when billing a SI Joint injection and the doctor performed an arthrogram confirming position. I understand you can only code 27096 for the diagnositic procedure and not the arthrogram. Note reads: The right SI joint, where after anesthetizing the skin with 1% buffered lidocaine and optimizing the access to the right SI joint using intermittent fluoroscopic guidance, a 22-gauge, 3-1/2-inch Quincke tip needle was inserted into the midportion of the right SI joint without difficulty or complication. Appropriate positioning was confirmed on AP and lateral views as well as with the injection of 1 mL of myelogram-safe contrast dye, which showed clear arthrogram of the right SI joint. This was then followed by a solution of 2 mL of 4% lidocaine and 0.5 mL of Decadron (10 mg/mL) with appropriate placement of the injectate confirmed by visualized washout and dilution of the previously injected contrast dye.

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    The appropriate CPT code for above mentioned report would be 27096-RT.

    Please check the below link :

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