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Shelly Posted 1 Year(s) ago
When you have a description Therapeutic- Trigger Point injection what code would you use with an office visit?
SuperCoder Posted 1 Year(s) ago



It can be billed together, If there was a separately identifiable E&M performed, you would add a 25 modifier to the E/M code. If you had 3 or more muscles it would be a 20553. Code 20552 is for single or multiple trigger points, 1 or 2 muscles, this would only be coded once.


To code this is an area we need to be more careful while submitting claims. The report should document multiple symptoms or treatment of multiple symptoms , or a symptom and a different diagnosis. The Trigger point injection and Office visit code should be billed with different diagnosis code to justify for reimbursement of the claims.

Example: The patient was evaluated for treatment of neck pain and elevated blood pressure. The trigger point injections were administered for neck pain. New meds were prescribed to control the patient's elevated blood pressure.

Hope that helps!

Shelly Posted 1 Year(s) ago
Thank You very much this was helpful.
SuperCoder Posted 1 Year(s) ago

Your welcome!

Posted by Shelly, 1 Year(s). There are 4 posts. The latest reply is from SuperCoder.

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